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    Vestige Office – Second Floor

    Info: Designer & PMC: Enar Consultants Area: 15,000 sq ft Cost: 3.0 Cr. Duration: 6 months


  • Vollert Plant

    Vollert Plant

    Info: Designer: Prime Design Consultants Area: 30,000 sq ft Cost: 7.25 Cr. Duration: 12 months Vollert India Pvt. Ltd. has…


  • Vestige Office – Ground Floor

    Vestige Office – Ground Floor

    Info: Designer & PMC: Enar Consultants Area: 15,000 sq ft Cost: 5.5 Cr. Duration: 8 months We have completed interior fit-out…


  • Ferrari Showroom

    Ferrari Showroom

    Info: Duration – One Months Area – 2600 sq ft We have completed interior fit-out works for Ferrari Showroom located…


  • Deutsche Motoren Showroom

    Deutsche Motoren Showroom

    Info: Location - Mathura Road, New Delhi Architect - Prime Design Consultants Completion Time - Three months Area - 10,000…


  • Net Solutions

    Net Solutions

    Info: Designer: Space Matrix PMC: Enar Consultants Area: 35,000 sq ft Cost: 3.5 Cr. Duration: 6 months Scope of Work:…


  • The British School

    The British School

    Info: Architect – Morphogenesis PMC – RRA Project Management Completion Time – Six months Area – 10,000 sq ft Cost…


  • BMW 4S Facility

    BMW 4S Facility

    Info: Designer: Prime Design Cosultants PMC: RRA Project Management Area: 1,25,000 sq ft Cost: 6.25 Cr. Duration: 9 months Largest…


  • Oriflame Showroom

    Oriflame Showroom

    Info: Architect – Enar Consultant Area – 1500 sq ft Cost – 60 lacs Oriflame (a Swedish Cosmetics Group) is…